If you’re planning a road trip, avoid driving in these 3 buzzing American cities. You’re sure to encounter some of our nation’s most reckless drivers. For anyone brave enough to take their wheels for a spin, we’ve gathered the worst parts of driving in these cities and a few tips for navigating them.


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1. Washington, DC

What’s so bad about driving in DC? Traffic circles. Dupont Circle is an infamous traffic nightmare, according to residents. Plus, come 5 p.m., the city experiences some of the worst gridlock in America. Speeding is yet another problem in our nation’s capital. Fun fact: DC issues the most speeding tickets per person of any city, according to DriverSide. Be careful not to crash into any luxury cars while you’re visiting, too.


2. New York

Cabbies are famously relentless in the Big Apple, but that’s par for the course. New York is also one of the only cities where you can’t really turn right on red. You can’t turn left on many of the major avenues, either. And all the tourists and pedestrians can make driving in New York City even trickier. Be careful of people on the street, who may not be watching the flow of traffic.


3. Boston

Reckless Boston drivers are sometimes called “Massholes.” They’re famous for weaving erratically, cursing and flipping the bird. But the drivers aren’t the only guilty ones. Boston pedestrians are known to jaywalk, which really messes with traffic. Always be ready to hit the brake fast during busy hours. If you’re planning to park on the street, be warned that people might “love tap” your car while trying to parallel park. Use valet if you’re feeling nervous.


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